Shark Beauty

Revolutionising in-store engagement for Shark Beauty

Driving customer engagement through digital touchpoints and enhanced display

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Shark Beauty, a leader in the household beauty appliance sector, sought Linney’s expertise to create a distinctive in-store display for its line of electronic beauty tools. Faced with the challenge of standing out in the competitive beauty market, Linney’s interdisciplinary teams collaborated to integrate digital interactions with a disruptive display, ensuring a unique and engaging experience for customers.

Innovative design and creative thinking

Competing in a crowded category – beauty – Shark Beauty wanted a permanent display to help customers get to grips with three new electrical hair products. With interactivity core to the brief, our 3D designers engaged with our Experience Design and Digital Signage teams to add a digital touchpoint to the physical experience. As well as getting the creative correct for the brand and its desired customer base, part of the design work included understanding the store guidelines and the space in the store. With only one power socket for the unit, our team had to devise a creative solution for powering the products and the stand itself. Once the concept was approved, work began to bring the design to life.


Creating engaging digital touchpoints on in-store displays

Adding a digital screen to the top of the unit – with looped content played before customer interaction – aimed to entice customers to the stand. The true design magic appears when the customer interacts with the screen. The screen’s content changes once the customer clicks a simple button interface, which selects a product. Once selected, the screen changes from a brand-awareness video to specific branded assets that show the benefits of the product the customer has chosen.

The interactivity doesn’t stop at the screen. The display stand had lights built under each product, which, once selected via the screen, highlights the product described in the content, giving customers a better understanding of it. The unit works to push customers through the purchasing journey – all while in store – helping to drive initial interest, educate on product choice and excite the customer to buy.


Getting the content right for the customer

The Experience Design team supported the design to ensure that the interface on the display unit was easy to use. Working with assets provided by Shark Beauty, the team applied best-practice design principles to ensure the content on the screen had the desired impact on the customer.


A flexible, permanent display

We built the permanent display with flexibility in mind. It can adapt to new product launches or content changes when needed. The media player controlling the screen in the display unit is accessed remotely, enabling real-time content changes to happen directly to the screen in store. The overall display design gives Shark Beauty complete agility. We understand the speed at which the beauty sector moves and the desire the brand has to keep the unit up to date and looking its best, so we provide a monthly maintenance plan to support this, ensuring the physical unit is always pristine.

The result saw a striking permanent display unit that captivated customer attention, increased product awareness and drove a sales uplift in the store. Following the success of the in-store activations we’ve supported, we are excited to be working with Shark Beauty on future product launches and campaigns.

Your partner in standout in store activations

At Linney, we’re proud to be an award-winning provider of in-store activations and bespoke permanent display units. Creating impactful displays is both an art and a science, requiring a deep understanding of design, consumer behaviour and brand communications. That’s why we work closely with our clients to craft tailored solutions that deliver results. So, whether you want to elevate your brand presence or drive foot traffic, you can count on Linney to provide award-winning solutions that captivate and engage your audience.