Immersive retail displays

We integrate our in-house design expertise and retail insight capabilities to create eye-catching, sustainable retail displays, improving customer experiences and driving sales for your business.

  • Retail display
  • POS display products
  • Retail insight
  • Prototyping
  • Logistics service
  • Installation and merchandising
  • Eco-friendly display stands
  • Graphic and structural design services

“Combining insight, marketing expertise and in-house manufacturing, Linney provides innovative, compliant and environmentally friendly displays that maximise return on marketing investment.”

Linney Displays Team

Creating standout

Linney offers a unique set of in-house services, mixing traditional with digital to deliver display solutions that future-proof your business.

Informed by insight

We deliver insights that define shopper behaviours, informing the way we design displays to maximise cut-through and consumer engagement, leading to improved footfall and sales.

Balanced approach

Artfully balancing creativity and practicality, we develop displays that surprise and delight, while remaining cost-effective and compliant to brand and retailer guidelines.

Sustainable production

Our retail display teams always have sustainability at the forefront of their mind. Our designers, cardboard engineers, point of sale production and logistics experts recommend eco-friendly materials and plan for optimised production. These thoughtful measures ensure we minimise waste and CO2 emissions, as well as maximising marketing spend.

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