Innovation underpinned
by integrity.

The world changes but our founding Values stay strong.

Although we're 170 years old, we know that the only thing that will take us to the future is our people and the teams they're in.

Our Values guide and support us, helping us to innovate, collaborate and grow with courage and strength.

You'll find our Values listed in every room of every Linney building.

They're the principles we've built our business on, reflecting our aspirations for our customers, our people and our community.

Our values

Discover the foundations that we think make Linney different.

Better together

When it comes to inclusion, we believe that every individual has a role to play.

At Linney, we encourage all our people to share their unique perspectives, speak openly, and be bold. This helps us to understand and inspire each other, promoting individual and team growth.

Linney is fully committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for all. We believe in rewarding our people based on talent and performance, encouraging a culture of collaboration and connectedness.