Digital signage crafted to captivate

At Linney, we understand the challenges that brands face when implementing digital signage. We know that it can be expensive, technically difficult to get the right hardware and software, and time consuming to manage content. That’s why we offer a modular approach that allows you to access whichever sections you require across hardware, software, strategy and content creation, including a complete end-to-end solution tailored to your needs.

  • Creative design
  • Insights
  • Data analysis
  • Content strategy
  • Site profiling
  • Artwork production
  • Animation
  • Content scheduling
  • Third party integration
  • Maintenance and support
  • Remote monitoring

“Digital signage at Linney is about creating engaging and exciting moments that elevate spaces and produce measurable returns on investment.”

Head of Digital Signage, Linney

Tailored digital signage solutions

Our approach is informed by specialist insight and data analysis, ensuring your digital signage delivers the right content, at the right time, to the right place. We work with you to create bespoke digital signage in all environments, from indoor installations such as digital menu boards and shelf-edge signage, to larger projects like large-format LED walls and digital drive-thru. Our designs are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also deliver tangible results.

Maximising your digital signage impact with strategic content 

We guide you in creating communications that uniquely connect you to your consumers in retail spaces all over the world. Our content and strategy services, delivered by our in-house Insight team, are known as “ideaware” and are informed by insight and consumer analysis, such as customer journey, purchasing habits and dwell times. Once these are analysed, we use our in-house teams across Creative, Photography, Design and Animation, to optimise your screen content.

Digital screen software that supports content scheduling and optimisation 

We can tailor the content on digital screens to the needs of your business, thanks to our bespoke MyScreens content management system, which is crucially managed by us rather than any third party. Core features include content day parting and localisation, dynamic pricing and our ability to easily integrate with multiple data sources through API.

A unique aspect of the Linney digital signage software is our use of site profiling to evaluate and measure a screen’s performance, giving greater ability to optimise content to specific screen locations (based on parameters put in place before installation) and identify any performance problems. Our in-house teams schedule the content for and manage 30,000 devices globally. Remote monitoring and diagnostics are used to give full control of devices on the system, so we are often able to fix any issues even before they become visible in store.

The best cutting-edge hardware for your digital screens

Our ongoing and continual research into hardware ensures that we are a digital signage service provider offering the most recent cutting-edge technology to our customers. With teams based throughout the UK, we can install and manage entire estates at a rapid rate of deployment. We also offer engineer support for existing estates as part of a maintenance programme. We like to plug and play, with no biases in favour of any brands – it’s that simple. We orchestrate the complete digital screens package, delivering a return on investment around the clock.

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