y magazine: cities

Uncover the real side of real cities in issue 8 of our creative magazine

The city. Like all hives, it buzzes. Like so many tourist traps, spattered with icons. So familiar you barely need even hop on the plane.

Unless you adjust your gaze. Step around the tourist traps. Bypass the obvious. And behold the real side of real cities.

That’s how we like to look at the world. And in in issue 8 of Y, out now, we’re doing just that with cities around the world.

Working creatively at Linney means being innovative, inquisitive and challenging, whether that’s on a commissioned project, or simply when we feel the urge to be experimental.

We believe any subject can be explored in this way. This publication lets us ask ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’ so we can share our creative investigations and thoughts with you.

Curiosity keeps us asking why.

You could say it puts the y in Linney.

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