Digital signage showroom sound

Revolutionising digital signage with audio integration

Throughout the audio-video industry, digital signage seems to be lagging in terms of sound integration. The technology itself, though by no means new, is still rarely used to enhance digital touchpoints.

digital screens in office

In addition to its function as a sales enablement tool, and to demonstrate the benefits of this technology to our clients, the Linney Digital Signage showroom provides an area for experimentation.

The team installed eight carefully positioned, ceiling mounted speakers. The new sound system is not only capable of providing ambient sound, filling the entire space, but can be configured to play different tracks over each speaker individually. We envision a soundscape where the audio is curated to match the content on the screens closest to the corresponding speaker, creating an experience that is unique to the viewer and listener’s position within the space.

Plans are also in place to include directional sound, as we look to redevelop the showroom in 2023. This technology delivers sound in a straight line, like a beam of light, meaning audio content is targeted to anyone directly in its path.

From an accessibility perspective, audio opens new creative possibilities and introduces another layer to the communication of marketing messages that does not solely rely on a direct line of site to attract or hold the attention of consumers.

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