"Can-Do" culture on display

Students from The Samworth Academy visited Linney as part of the "Can-Do" project

"Can-Do" aims to instil a belief in students that they can do anything. It’s about encouraging them to follow their passions, not just focus purely on academic outcomes. The Linney visit was an opportunity to show the students something that they’re completely unfamiliar with. They were the guests of our Display team, who arranged an interactive session designed to excite and inspire them.

We wanted the students to feel excited and optimistic about career choices and job opportunities, and for them to be inspired by who they met and what they saw during their visit. We centred the day on some of our recent exciting influencer box designs. The students met account managers, design studio and production teams, experienced what it was like to work on a live brief and had hands-on experience of every part of the process. 

Male students crafting with a green sponge

We also set the students two challenges. We tasked them with building an influencer box as part of a timed game and invited them to play the role of an influencer in an "unboxing" film.

The students clearly enjoyed the experience and, who knows, they may be applying for Linney roles in the near future.

Male students working on influencer box project
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