Sigg launches new bottle

The Create team design the new MyPlanet range

When iconic Swiss bottle brand Sigg needed a name and design for its new sustainable product range, the success of its ecommerce relationship with Linney led to a fresh partnership with our Create team.

Two Sigg bottles

Sigg’s new recycled aluminium bottles contain recycled printing plates. The Linney Create team designed the MyPlanet range, with hand-written motifs and illustrations on six stylishly coloured bottles. With concepts developed and approved, accompanying animations and statics of each of the designs were fully rendered in 3D, providing content for a launch campaign and strategy to perform on social media.

The result was a cohesive and visually appropriate campaign for today’s environmentally savvy consumers, hitting the mark straight away as they launched at trade shows.

Check out the MyPlanet designs at Sigg.com – and if you buy one online, you know exactly where it’s being shipped from!

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