Meeting the fulfilment needs of a growing market

We've recently started working with premium Swiss bottle manufacturer SIGG, enabling them to be more agile across their B2B and B2C ecommerce channels to meet growing UK demand for their renowned products.

Meeting the needs of diverse customer groups

With the desire to expand their reach in the UK, SIGG approached Linney to help with their ecommerce fulfilment process. SIGG wanted a pick, pack and fulfilment partner that could match the needs of all their target audiences; direct to consumer (D2C), business to business (B2B) co-branded items and retail distribution channels. With the aim of bringing greater efficiency to their operation, SIGG needed a third party logistics partner (3PL) that could support their current stock demand and provide flexibility to meet their future needs.

Seamless selling and fulfilment

SIGG wanted to have a clear understanding of their stock levels and status. Using our warehouse management system (WMS), SIGG can see stock levels in real-time, including purchased, recently added, and returned products, giving them an accurate picture of their stock for the UK at any given time.

Meeting the needs of their D2C customers

For any ecommerce business, meeting your customers’ expectations is paramount. Using Linney as their UK fulfilment service provider enabled SIGG to meet their SLA (Service Level Agreement) delivery target of two to three days, ensuring products arrived with the customers as expected. The stability of service offered by Linney has given SIGG the confidence to grow their product ranges in the UK from bi-annual launches to more frequent product releases, such as the new recyclable Traveller bottle due to be released in early 2022.

Selling in-store

A large part of SIGG's trade is with leading premium sports and outdoor retail outlets, including nationals and independents. Ensuring the specific requirements of retailers are met is crucial to SIGG and their fulfilment operation. Having worked with multiple high street retailers for many years, Linney understands the complexities and compliance requirements within the sector. Using Linney's expertise, SIGG have grown in this area and are now looking to move into the homeware sector with a new range of lifestyle products.

Co-branding opportunities

SIGG's locally sourced products, manufactured in Switzerland, Germany and the Far East, and the increased interest in sustainable and recyclable products, has created greater demand for co-branded water bottles. SIGG's unique co-branding offer allowing brands to add their logo or messaging to a SIGG bottle continues to grow. More and more brands are looking for sustainable products to meet increasing consumer demand. With a growing product range, transparency of stock was vital. Knowing where products are in the fulfilment process and seeing live tracking information gives SIGG the ability to control their inventory and provide accurate information to their co-branding partners.

How we can help


With the ability to scale up alongside the needs of each company, our agility makes us an ideal partner for the fast-paced world of ecommerce. With decades of retail and fulfilment services experience, we know how to handle rapid changes in product demand. To find out how we could provide your UK fulfilment service, please get in touch.

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