Taking spirit brands to new heights using pre-filled display units

How Linney helped Tequila Rose, Antica Sambuca and Fireball Whisky boost sales and capture new customers in grocers

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Well-loved spirit brands Tequila Rose, Antica Sambuca and Fireball Whisky wanted to increase their sales and reach new consumers in store.

Having already worked with Linney's Ecommerce team for its direct-to-consumer fulfilment, the client, one of the UK's leading spirit distributors, reached out to our Display team with the challenge of creating pre-filled display units for grocers. With vast experience creating retail displays for various high street stores and grocers, our team was more than up for the challenge. 

Tequila bottles assemble

Meeting the grocer's display requirements

The first project saw 275 units shipped to Sainsbury's for redistribution into its stores nationwide. The units, designed and produced at our on-site production facility, had to withstand the weight of the product and comply with Sainsbury's display requirements. One of these requirements was to carry out transit testing. The team undertook the testing to ensure the proposed solution would keep the products secure during transportation and maintain the unit structure ready for display in store. Following the success of the transit testing, our team continued the project's rollout. 

The project was a great success. We fulfilled 11,466 bottles into 273 pre-filled units for the campaign. With a significant sales uplift for the brands and no product losses – thanks to the smooth-running transit of the units – the client asked us to support a similar yet much larger opportunity for Tesco. 


Scaling with the project needs

As well as our on-site production facility, Linney also has the benefit of being a fulfilment provider. This means we have the advantage of space. For the Tesco project, we efficiently managed the arrival and security tagging of 135,000 bottles and the production and merchandising of 942 display units before they were packaged up for transit. The campaign saw six artic lorries full of pre-filled units leave our premises and arrive ready to go at Tesco's distribution centre. The stock arrived at our warehousing and production facility and was prepared for despatch less than two weeks later.

Assembling cardboard units

Designing pre-filled units for heavy merchandise

The unit's durability was an important part to get right for both campaigns. With the displays holding full-size bottles, the unit designs had to withstand a lot of weight. 

Tesco's campaign had 144 bottles per unit, which, when bundled as a two-unit pair for transit, had 288 bottles! The combined weight of the packaged units was over 300kg. The project gave our Display team a unique challenge: how to make a unit attractive to customers, make it easy to interact with the product in store, and keep it secure in transit while holding the weight of the products.

Our cardboard engineers got to work looking at the structural design of the unit. By understanding the in-store location of the units, our team created a design with promotional areas at the front to attract customers to the offer. We used specialist buffer packaging to secure the products during transit to ensure the product looked its best when on display. 

The projects were a great success for the drinks brands. The campaigns supported their goal of reaching customers using a new channel and increasing sales in grocers. Using Linney, a supplier they already trusted, also assured them that the product stock was in good hands and would reach the end destinations in a safe and secure environment. 

Packed display units

Linney, your trusted in-store activation partner

Our ability to scale with our clients gives Linney a unique position as a retail display provider. Our on-site production, storage and fulfilment facilities support campaigns from start to finish. So, whether you're looking for a pre-filled display solution to get your brand noticed in store or you want a comprehensive retail strategy, our team is on hand and ready to help. Get in touch.

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