Warburtons’ success in the premium bread market

A distinctive permanent FSDU design encouraged consumers to trade up in a competitive market.

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Warburtons is the UK’s largest bakery brand, producing over two million products every day. The company wanted to inspire its customers to “trade up” into the craft and premium bread space, so we immersed ourselves in the product journey and bread lifecycle.

“The Craft of Baking’ stand has brought to life our vision to elevate premium bread in store and showcase our products brilliantly. Consumer insight was at the heart of the design process to create a truly distinctive display that has delivered double-digit sales growth in store and helped to gain new stockists.”

Category development controller

four design concepts for Warburton's retail displays

Retail insight for design

The goal was to develop a slimline, free-standing display unit (FSDU) that could endure the test of time, be compatible with changing consumer preferences, and integrate seamlessly with the operational needs of retail partners. Our approach needed to merge insight and creative expertise to craft a unique customer experience, enticing shoppers to upgrade to premium bread products.

To understand consumer perception of the craft and premium bread category, we conducted insight-filled shopping trips, diary studies and a co-creation session with existing and target customers, members of our creative team, and stakeholders from Warburtons and their retail partners.

design sketch of Warburtons' display

Convincing consumers to spend

Drawing on these valuable insights, we knew the display unit had to have a premium feel to match the product on offer. Our design team was inspired by boulangeries and modern bakeries, mixing the style with the current practicalities of current retail fixtures and hardware, as well as retailer in-store compliance guidelines.

Our FSDU integrates retail features, such as branded stainless steel side panels and optional detachable “arms”, for increased merchandising capacity. Additionally, the design includes an interchangeable header, which allows for adaptation as consumer demands evolve and product lines change and expand. These design features maximise standout and increase the inclination to purchase.

By drawing on various services like consumer insight, virtual and augmented reality, 3D rendering and prototyping, we developed an FSDU that’s a powerhouse of function, durability and creativity.

Warburtons retail displays

In-store excellence

The FSDU has proven highly effective in delivering the project objectives, leading to increased awareness and sales of the Warburtons craft product range.

The use of rolled and brushed steel fixtures and fittings means the unit contrasts against modern displays, which are typically plastic trays and trolleys. The layout of the steel trays displays the loaves at eye level. This resulted in a sales increase of 72% where these FSDUs were placed, and a 115% uplift in overall bread sales when the craft bread was on the unit.

Warburtons also struck double gold at the POPAI 2021 Awards, the showcase event for in-store , in the Display of the Year – Permanent category and in the Grocery & General Merchandise – Permanent Display category.

Consider customer experience for brilliant retail displays

With the optimal blend of creativity and consumer insight, our research pinpointed the most efficient method for presenting Warburtons loaves on retail displays. This approach successfully created a distinctive presence for Warburtons in a sector teeming with competitors. Contact our specialist Experience Design team for data-driven design.





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