Intelligence made visible

Everything we do is informed by insight. Our growing team features multidisciplinary research specialists, driven to understand the motivations, needs and desires of consumers.

  • Behavioural science
  • Creative research
  • Analytics
  • Trend updates
  • Market reports
  • Innovation and benchmarking
  • Experience design 
  • Product design 
  • Service design
  • Spatial design

“Biometrics are a powerful tool in deciphering the inner workings of the consumer mind, allowing us to understand shopper decision making like never before.”

Head of Insight, Linney

Beyond the surface

Our insight team combines traditional market research with academic thinking and technological innovation, offering new and informed perspectives that remove subjectivity – challenging, inspiring and improving the work we create for our clients.

Our work as an insight team is based on understanding the cultural context in which consumers exist, using market research and scientific testing to discover the reasons for certain behaviour and decisions.

We use experimental research design and data science to understand, quantify and predict human behaviour for creative work that has the end user at its heart.

Bringing customer experience into your brand strategy 

Using data and insight to ensure that the design and features of a product, retail environment or strategy align with the expectations of the customer, our specialist Experience Design team provides data-driven design recommendations and strategic thinking. With specialisms across four tightly connected design disciplines – user experience and product, service and spatial design – our strategic design recommendations are transforming global brands.

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