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Photonic Universe is an established supplier of solar, wind and other battery-charging solutions. On a mission to spread awareness of the possibilities created by solar and wind power, Photonic Universe wanted to grow its worldwide customer base by persuading more people to convert to sustainable energy solutions.

Owing to a spike in B2C and B2B demand for its sustainably focused products, such as solar-powered batteries and solar panels, the company needed a warehousing and fulfilment partner that could match its despatch speed requirements from the outset.

Having onboarded ecommerce clients with considerable storage requirements, such as US-based reusable water bottle company HydroJug, we were well placed to provide a scalable warehouse and fulfilment solution.

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The importance of integrating with a warehouse management system

Part of the onboarding process with Photonic Universe was to ensure integration of our warehouse management system with the company’s ecommerce website and its own warehouse (used to hold stock for replacing damaged items). The website integration enabled Photonic Universe to see real-time order data, from despatch notes to SKU line inventories. With over 40 in-house developers, our bespoke fulfilment solutions can integrate with popular ecommerce sites, such as Shopify and BigCommerce, as well as with your internal workflow systems.

Speed is of the essence for ecommerce brands

We know first-hand how vital speed is for an ecommerce brand to scale its offering and grow its customer base. So, when asked by Photonic Universe for a go-live date within one month of the fulfilment contract being awarded, our onboarding team sprang into action.

Fulfilment options for fast-moving stock

With 250 pallets of stock on its way to the UK, Photonic Universe needed an agile storage and fulfilment partner to support varying levels of incoming stock. Thanks to our 35-acre site, with multiple pallets and SKU locations available, we are well equipped to handle stock that moves quickly.

Because of customer demand across the UK and EU, Photonic Universe now places 500 pallets of stock with us every three months. With dedicated fast-moving areas within our warehouses and ongoing investment to increase capacity through robotic fulfilment, we can easily keep up with demand.

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Looking to the future

As Photonic Universe’s customer base continues to grow, so does the level of support we offer. Our flexible storage and fulfilment solutions enable brands like Photonic Universe to scale up in size and customer reach.

Looking to grow your ecommerce brand’s fulfilment operations? Let’s talk.

“The most thorough, thoughtful, structured and well-defined new client onboarding process that we have ever seen.”

Director of Photonic Universe Ltd

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