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HydroJug, a US-based reusable water bottle company, has been shaking up the hydration market since introducing its half-gallon water bottle back in 2016. Wanting to expand their audience reach and enter the UK and EU markets, HydroJug approached Linney to provide an ecommerce fulfilment solution to launch in the new territories.

Hydrojug Product Shot pink bottle with black sleeve

Scaling an ecommerce business for a new market

With the backdrop of Brexit and new custom rules coming into effect, HydroJug wanted a third-party logistics (3PL) provider in the UK that could advise on import rules and store and ship its products. They needed a fulfilment partner working around demand peaks and delivering their goods on time and in good condition across the UK and Europe.

Having seen their friend, fellow ecommerce company, Alphalete, successfully use Linney for their ecommerce fulfilment; HydroJug contacted Linney to provide a similar, flexible fulfilment solution.

HydroJug Female Holding Cow Print Bottle

Meeting the needs of a new market

HydroJug already had a successful Shopify ecommerce website for their US audience. They knew what was working well and what they wanted to replicate for their new markets. We worked on cloning their US site for the UK and EU, giving HydroJug the ability to edit product copy and pricing to make it relevant for the new markets and rank in product search results.

The ecommerce website connected with our stock management and order fulfilment marketing technology, MyCentre. Joining up the dots between systems ensured HydroJug could see real-time order demand and stock levels, giving them the insight to order new stock and ship it to us before any stock ran short. Creating the UK and EU versions of the website enabled a seamless transition between orders placed through the Shopify site and the fulfilment solution at Linney.

Hydrojug Product Shot Cow Print and Leopard Print Bottles

Looking to the future

Since the UK and EU launch in September 2021, over 17,000 orders of over 40,800 products have left our warehouse. With hopes to fulfil over 400,000 orders in the UK and EU markets within its first few years of trading in the UK, we are ready and on hand to help HydroJug with its ambitious growth plans.

How we can help

With the ability to scale up alongside the needs of each company, our experience as a UK marketing and fulfilment services provider gives new and growing ecommerce businesses the complete fulfilment solution. To find out how we could provide your ecommerce solution, please get in touch.

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