Right content, right audience, right time

How digital signage can increase footfall and raise awareness for brands

Used intelligently, digital signage can increase footfall, raise brand awareness and increase profile – as well as having a significant positive effect on sales. And there’s a simple recipe for sharing great screen content.

Getting the screens mix right

It’s all about understanding the main objective of the screen, the environment it’s placed in and the audience you want to engage. From there, you can work out what to show when and where, on which kind of screen, and much more.

People sitting and eating in a cafe

The Linney approach

Like much of our work at Linney, the journey starts with insight. Ongoing research helps us understand both the viewing audience and the environments they’re in. Then we use what we learn to inform both our overarching content strategy and some design, copy and animation principles and best practice.

Armed with these, we can plan, create and deliver engaging, targeted content that’s tailored to each client’s customers and the environment they’ll viewing it in, and that stays true to the brand’s look, feel and tone of voice. It’s our way of ensuring the right content is shared in the most relevant, engaging way for every client and site.

An eye for the details

The average amount of time we have to catch someone’s attention with an external-facing screen, such as in the window of a high street store, is just three seconds. But for internal-facing screens, like those on aisle ends in retail spaces, we have around seven seconds.

So we create different styles of content to suit. At the storefront, high-impact animations are designed to disrupt where dwell time is low. Messaging is bold and simple, with a single, clear message that stays on screen throughout.

Ready to apply our thinking?

Today, Linney provides digital screen services for clients as diverse as McDonald’s, Asda George and Virgin Active – at scale and even around the world.

Our fully tailored solutions are also award winning and have been recognised at the Digital Signage Awards 2019 for our work with McDonald’s, winning in the Multi Venue Rollout category and receiving a High Recommendation in the Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants category.

Talk to us today about what Linney digital screens could do for you.

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