EAT 2022 Report

What you can expect to see in EAT 2022

Appetite for change

Social and consumer attitudes have shifted dramatically – with many of us rethinking our priorities. Our Spotlight on Sustainability focuses on ‘the Greta effect’ and how diets are changing to be more mindful of the choices we make and how these correlate to the impact on the planet with new products and behaviours developing at pace.

Easy access

It’s not just about what we eat but how we shop. Amazon’s roll-out of checkout free grocery stores across London has seen grocery mainstays Tesco and Aldi move into this format. The rise of ghost kitchens is also seeing brands reach new audiences bucking the traditional dining experience.

Health is wealth

A renewed focus on our health continues to gain traction. In April, a new law requiring restaurants to display the calorie content of food items across menus, menu boards and online will come into effect. Tesco has also announced a ban on junk food in its new Southport store, ahead of the high fat, salt or sugar foods (HFSS) promotions legislation coming into force in October.

Each year the food and beverage industry is presented with the latest developments and hero ingredients for us to get excited about. While the sector will continue to be a source of conversation, there is an undercurrent of pace which is changing how we will be forced to think about what and how we consume. It’s unsurprising just how much the food and drinks industry has changed during the pandemic and will continue to evolve, challenge and inspire the food and beverage industry.

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