A new brand Emerges

A bold new look for a leading value energy drink range

A bold new look has led to a leap in sales, thanks to Linney. Emerge is owned by Refresco, the world’s largest independent drinks bottler. 

We’ve been responsible for the advertising and social media of the Emerge brand since 2020, growing social followers and interactions, and repositioning the brand in the market. But we’d always felt that the core branding of the cans and bottles didn’t do the product justice – it was hard to read and didn’t stand out on shelves.

Our new product branding has changed all that. It’s informed by insight, with our team researching over 1,000 creative iterations with 1,000 consumers, nudging the brand towards a more premium direction while retaining the sense of value. After 12 months of research, development, design and manufacture, we’ve rolled out the look across a range of flavours, formats and special editions. The drinks hit the shelves in March 2021, suitably backed by PR, social and trade advertising. 

With sales having grown well beyond target, we’re now working on new consumer and trade marketing ideas to really cement the new brand into the minds of buyers.

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