Think, Eat, Spend

The Insight team has published three thought leadership publications

Think, Eat and Spend are packed with rich insights into trends, dilemmas and opportunities across the sectors many of our clients operate in.

Think focuses on how human interaction and technical innovation are uniting to reinvent retail, deliver rewarding consumer experiences and enhance brand loyalty.

Eat explores the current food and beverage landscape, serving up insights into the ingredients, dishes and environments that are shaping dynamic and surprising dining, drinking and snacking experiences throughout 2023 and beyond.

Spend uncovers themes, trends and patterns shaping consumer spending habits, from reflecting on the pandemic’s long retail tail and the impact of economic challenges to the sustainable ‘conscious consumption’ mindset.

“Each of the publications includes a thematic piece of primary research which the team would love to share, present debate and discuss with clients existing and prospective,” says Insight’s Katie Oliver.

You’ll find copies of each publication in our reception areas. Contact Katie Oliver or a member of the Linney Insight team to find out more about the reports.

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