Our Remembrance role

Linney joined the Royal British Legion at Cardiff Castle ahead of the opening of Fields of Remembrance

Every November, the Royal British Legion plants thousands of wooden tributes at six Fields of Remembrance across the country for visitors to write personal messages on for loved ones from our Armed Forces community. Linney organised the collation and distribution of more than 40,000 tributes along with printed collateral and signage to promote the event.

Planting the tributes transformed the grounds into a sea of poppies. We also helped the Legion’s teams to set up marquees and a dais for the official opening ceremony of the Remembrance Service, where we saw military officers, politicians and veterans from World War II. It was a stark reminder of how important it is to continue to honour those who sacrificed so much for our freedom today.

Once the Fields of Remembrance were closed to the public, the team collected all the tributes and began preparing for this year’s Remembrance commemorations.

Remembrance Day Royal British Legion volunteers planting poppies at Cardiff Castle
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