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Navigating event trends in 2024

Events have always been a brilliant way to connect with customers, whether it’s in the exhibition hall or on the high street via a brand activation. So, what can we expect from 2024?

Trade shows gain popularity again

Trade shows have seen a massive surge in popularity over the last 12 months, signalling an appetite for face-to-face interaction that has been missing in the wake of widespread remote work. While online meetings can offer convenience, 95% of regular exhibitors still prefer in-person to virtual events, clearly demonstrating how face-to-face interaction can be used to make a personal connection to attendees.

However, trade shows have evolved to become suited to the hybrid working model. This allows delegates to attend on their terms and, in turn, creates more opportunities for genuine connection and engagement.


Restoring trust through live experiences

With public trust in organisations and brands at an all-time low, events that are consumer facing are becoming increasingly significant in nurturing confidence during the buyer’s journey. Research shows that 72% of all consumers engaging with a brand at a live event report having a positive perception by the end of the experience. Organisations that are providing a genuine brand experience and are strategically investing in this direction gain the benefit of a greater brand association.

Events offer more than just a service or product; they convey emotive expressions and forge personal connections between businesses and consumers, serving to renew faith and establish a more authentic brand–customer bond.



Creativity within constraints: making the most of budgets

Increases in operational costs – including fuel, hotels, food, labour and audiovisual – mean that it’s more critical than ever to manage budgets, especially if they have been cut. Creating standout events will need creative flair and imagination – expect to see some unique experiences that get people talking.


Insight improves event effectiveness

To deliver more memorable events that resonate directly with your customer base, tap into the insight you have of your customers or ideal customer profile. When at the initial planning stages for your event, insight can help you discover a location they might be at or an experience they would want to be involved with. The more ways you can create engagements that show your customer you care, the more successful your event will be.

Insight can also be used to gather data on how well your event performed. Use information from competitions, landing page clicks and game interactions. A strong follow-up campaign also solidifies your messages and helps to keep your brand front of mind.


Balancing the use of AI

AI, with its promise of optimising tasks and processes, has started to permeate the event industry. While it lacks the emotional intelligence to create experiences that can authentically connect with your customers, it can increase efficiency in the background work of events (in areas that are not so customer focused). For large exhibitions with hundreds of exhibitors, AI can organise layouts, send information and help crunch leads or customer data.

Sustainability: it’s not an option

Sustainability in events is becoming an expectation, not an option. Integrating corporate social responsibility into event planning and using eco-friendly solutions can help drive sustainable practices throughout your events.

Using sustainable materials such as cardboard to provide personalised sustainable giveaways is not just good for the environment, but also builds favourability with an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base. Using event production agencies can make sourcing sustainable materials for stand builds and promotional merchandise a much easier process.

Our sustainability team Regenerate can also help give a second life to excess stock or old banners, turning the latter into hats or bags.


Make your 2024 events better

In 2024, it’s clear that the combination of authenticity and creativity will be the deciding factor in the success of your event. Linney works with brands across sectors that include retail, utilities and pharmaceuticals to create meaningful experiences that stimulate, inspire and connect brands to customers. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.



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