Linney leads the way in ecommerce fulfilment

Investing in state-of-the-art automated fulfilment system to support ecommerce growth

Linney has become one of the country’s first third-party logistics providers to adopt the latest robotic technology for its site. The installation is part of our investment in automation and technology to drive even greater efficiency in our fulfilment and warehousing operations, used by leading ecommerce and retail brands.

AutoStore robots moving around grid

AutoStore™, an automated retrieval and storage system, will help us keep up with our clients’ customer demands while remaining competitive in today’s online landscape. The technology, installed by AutoStore™ specialists Element Logic, uses robotics to store and retrieve items without human intervention, which allows for efficient, accurate and fast order fulfilment.

AutoStore robots moving around grid

As customers’ shopping habits become more multichannel, and demand for next- and same-day delivery increases, it’s even more important for ecommerce businesses to work with a warehousing partner that can quickly fulfil direct-to-consumer orders, as well as distribute stock to retailers and other business-to-business customers.

We have over 50 years of experience in warehousing and logistics, and since the rise in ecommerce, have been offering flexible fulfilment services. Clients include global ecommerce brands across a range of sectors, such as athleisure, gaming, technology, and beauty, all of which rely on us to support their online sales and distribution channels. With our ability to scale up storage to match clients’ growth needs, Linney gives ecommerce companies the flexibility to find the fulfilment solution that suits them. Find out more about our ecommerce fulfilment services

AutoStore robots on grid with red frame

The new automated system has many benefits: efficient, fast and accurate order picking with no down days. Not only does it support the distribution ambitions of brands by fulfilling orders quickly, but it also forms part of our ESG (environmental, social and governance) goals by using less energy (one robot uses about 100 watts of energy) than the previously manual process. By replacing repetitive manual tasks with automated processes, it has also given us the chance to upskill its teams, ensuring it offers more added-value services to clients. This means that customers can be confident that their orders will be fulfilled on time, every time, and in the most sustainable way possible.

We have already seen positive results from the investment. On the back of growing demand for robotic fulfilment from a host of new ecommerce clients, plans are already in place to expand the installation to double its current size over the coming months.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for both warehousing space and our distribution services over the past few years,” said Charles Linney, executive director at Linney. “We’re thrilled about this new automated fulfilment investment, as it brings another area of the group to a world-class standard, and we can provide our clients with the flexibility they need when it comes to growing their business.”

Executive director, Linney

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