How social media is influencing beauty

Six ways the beauty industry will be aligning with consumer demand over the next 12 months

New products, treatments and masterclasses with industry experts – there’s much to take in at the UK’s biggest beauty festival, Superdrug Presents.


NYX stand at Superdrug presents

To your right, there’s a monochrome four-poster bed by NYX. To your left, it’s raining bubblegum pink telephone receivers thanks to Ariana Grande’s brand, MOD. And there’s more than one flower wall to guarantee some likes on your Instagram feed.   

Our social team gained insight into the UK’s £12 billion beauty industry, to understand where the sector’s heading as we move into a new financial year. It’s clear social media is having a huge influence on where beauty brands go next. 

Here are six trends to look out for…  


Science-backed formulas that really work

Today’s consumers are savvy. When it comes to marketing beauty products and highlighting the benefits of them, brands can no longer expect their audience to simply take their word for it.  

With the internet always a tap away, it’s become common practice for many of us to research ingredients and seek out authentic reviews. Ultimately, we want to know if a product really works before we part with our hard-earned cash.   

So, with audiences more clued up than ever, expect to see a rise in beauty formulas that are backed by science, and even more of ingredients like Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Salicylic Acid, which have built up a positive following on social media.  

Beauty products with sustainable packaging

Sustainable and transparent ingredient sourcing

Environmental issues remain at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, influencing day-to-day choices like what to eat and where to buy clothes.   

With more and more of us wanting to understand the environmental impact of a purchase before we make it, we’re seeing a rise in customers analysing the contents of their beauty products with the same discerning eye they bring to their food shop.   

To counter this, expect to see more brands being transparent around ingredients and how they’re sourced, as a way of avoiding negative comeback on socials, reassuring customers and building trust.  


TikTok drives beauty trends

A staggering 52% of the people on TikTok say they use it to discover beauty products.   

Beauty is big news for the platform, especially as it attempts to move UK users closer to regular in-app shopping.   

So, expect to see more and more products, like the Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand or Hailey Bieber’s Dior Rosy Glow Blush, rise through the ranks on the back of viral TikTok fame.  

Women with natural skin

Celebrating normal skin and imperfections

The body positivity movement has been dominating social media for years now, with an ever-expanding pool of influencers and accounts pushing back on beauty standards and championing real bodies.  

This year, the beauty industry will be working even harder to catch up.   

We’ll be seeing brands distance themselves from heavy airbrushing and face-changing filters to show a more natural and realistic aesthetic, with pimples and blemishes proudly embraced.   

We’re excited to see even more authentic, inclusive and diverse campaigns, designed to empower customers and encourage self-acceptance. 


Let it all glow

Slugging – the practice of slathering dry skin in a thick layer of moisturiser three times a week before bed – was a huge social media trend last year, and the perfect segue to the glossy glow consumers will be aspiring to in 2023.  

The sheer, moisturised look is continuing to grow in popularity with many adding old-school beauty methods like cold-cream masking to their routines.  

Expect to see the trend for gloss and glow on everything from skin to hair and nails, popping up all over your feed.  



Woman with bright makeup

Fearless, playful, and colourful

Finally, makeup will be getting a shake-up.   

This year’s Superdrug Presents was an absolute riot of colour with many bright shades being introduced in unexpected ways.  

Brands recognise the need to align with consumers who want to have fun and express themselves fearlessly. Expect to see boundaries being pushed with the likes of green lipstick and yellow mascara.  


Getting your beauty brand noticed

These trends can help you stay ahead of the curve and give your beauty business an edge. But if you’d like some support getting noticed in store or online, let our experts lend a hand.   

From retail display design and influencer marketing to social media strategy, our omnichannel approach will help you reach customers wherever they are.  

Interested? Let’s talk. 

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