For peat's sake

If you’ve driven past the Linney Create building on Mansfield’s Southwell Road over the last few weeks, you may have been distracted by an interesting art installation in our window.

It’s actually a “Peat Poncho”, which was delivered to us by our friends at The Wildlife Trusts.

dragonfly made of of mesh sits on textile log

The poncho was presented to our Events team, which was commissioned to build a space for The Wildlife Trusts at June’s Glastonbury Festival.

The stand is part of a £5 million campaign that the organisation is currently leading to restore peatlands across the UK. The piece was made by Emma Brackenbury, whose costume design you may have seen in the films Rocketman, Dr Strange and Jurassic World.

It took 45 days for Emma to create, alongside a team of volunteers from Fabric of Protest, a crafting community group based in Manchester, and her own mum.

The poncho design also features donated fabric and items from The Wildlife Trusts supporters.

And, just in case you were wondering – yes, we did try it on.

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