Bags of life in old banners

Ever wondered what to do with promotional banners once your event is a wrap? Our Regenerate team has an innovative solution: our ‘Banners to Bags’ initiative

This unique project breathes new life into banners made from a variety of substrates. We’re not just making bags – we’re creating stylish bucket hats, practical pencil cases, and trendy backpacks, all skillfully ‘upcycled’ from Picon banners used in past events.

Regenerate’s Scott Tunnicliffe explains: “This service was born out of our clients’ questions about repurposing banners of all kinds and substrates.

Banners, as it turns out, are often not recycled because there are few facilities that can handle materials like PVC or properly identify the substrate for recycling.

“Upcycling these banners offers a better solution than sending them to a landfill. The concept is also gaining traction with several mainstream brands, including those in the fast-food and beauty industries.

“It’s an exciting endeavour, one that not only gives our banners a second life but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability. We’re making a positive impact while turning banners into fantastic, functional products. Together, we’re minimising waste and embracing a greener, more creative future.”

Bettine Pellant, CEO at Picon, says: “I stumbled upon ‘Banners to Bags’ during a Print & Paper Think Tank meeting that Linney hosted. The concept struck me as brilliant, and I believed it was something worth sharing with our members.”

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