Accentuate the positive

Phoebe Twidale's inspiring film puts Mansfield on the map

When Linney’s Phoebe Twidale was invited to make a film about a topic that inspired her, she set her heart on putting her hometown under the spotlight.

Man in Mansfield town centre

Phoebe says: “I decided to interview Mansfield people who’d had a special impact on me or on others, to see what they had to say about their town. The outcome was very heart-warming.”

The Film and Animation team’s y films are an opportunity for colleagues to demonstrate creativity and innovation beyond their client projects – rather like our popular publications and podcasts of the same name.

“Thanks to the support of my talented teammates, I created something I’m very proud of. My film was featured in the Mansfield Chad newspaper and received an amazing response on social media.”

Watch Phoebe’s Mansfield movie now.

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