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8 steps to perfect influencer boxes

Optimise your influencer campaign with our short guide

Influencers need inspiration for content, and brands need a way to launch or promote their products. This makes influencer boxes a match made in social media heaven.

Influencer boxes – also known as influencer or seeding kits – are eye-catching packages of curated products that brands send out to social media content creators they currently work with, or to ones they want to work with (prospects).

Unfortunately, you have just a few seconds to make a splash on social media before followers scroll past. This makes getting these boxes right for brands and influencers both an art and a science.

We can help you make sure your kits create the right level of buzz on social media, with a simple checklist that we’ve put together. It’s designed to help you plan the perfect unboxing for your next influencer seeding campaign.

beauty products in a pink influencer box

Our influencer box checklist:

  1. Create a ‘soft sell’ strategy by crafting a story
  2. Choose a standout boxdesign
  3. Decide how you will display your products
  4. Think about including discount codes or a competition
  5. Feature hashtags and QR codes for brand messaging
  6. Is your influencer box sustainable?
  7. Confirm how will you measure ROI
  8. Customise the box for each influencer


Let's dive further into what makes a compelling influencer box – from crafting a narrative around each product to making sure the finished box looks great on screen.


Use storytelling to create a soft sell

Consumers don’t always want to be sold to on social media – they also want to be entertained. How can you help an influencer create an authentic narrative through their content?

Unusual boxes stand out

First impressions count, so try to create something different that will fit happily into a portrait video. This is the most-used format across TikTok and Instagram.

Curate your products

Which products will you display? Will they be loose in the box, or standing upright? It’s standard to include more products for a bigger influencer. For new product launches, make sure the hero product is highlighted.

Think of the followers

How will you engage followers? Remember, they are potential fans of your brand too. Could you include a discount code or create a competition? Communicate the value of following you and the rewards consumers can expect if they do.

Further your brand messaging

How will you include key information? Choose from printing on the box itself, inserting a leaflet, or both. Include information such as web address, QR codes and hashtags.

Make sure your influencer box is sustainable

Think green. Your box should be recyclable, but bonus points for reusability. Avoid special finishes that mean the box cannot be recycled – your manufacturer should have eco-friendly options for finishes that give that extra shine and ‘wow’ factor.

Track ROI

How will you measure success? Think of the campaign target – is it brand awareness, sales or engagement? There are various metrics to measure success, such as video views, engagements or reach.

Build influencer relationships with customisation

A great way to foster relationships with influencers is to personalise each box you send out. Personalise the content of the box itself to get a better reaction from influencers, or make note of special life events for influencers who are high on your priority list.


This list was taken from our ebook, "Influencer Kits: thinking outside the box". To learn more about the value of influencer marketing to brands and what to expect from influencers, download the guide here.