Unlocking secrets of the metaverse

A Linney voyage of discovery through the metaverse is now available as a podcast

Linney Create’s Iain Swales, Rhys Evans, Jonathan Rhodes and Andy Berry are already exploring what the metaverse will mean for our clients – and our business.

They share their insights in the latest edition of y: The Linney Podcast.

“The metaverse is where the physical and virtual worlds will merge to transform how we live, work and shop in the future,” says Rhys. “In the podcast, We discuss which kinds of brands could thrive in this new 3D environment. We also debate whether our clients should be investigating – and investing in – the metaverse and how Linney can support them.”

The podcast, edited by Linney Create’s Stefania Cardenaz Ibanez and hosted by Damon Parkin, is available on iTunes, Spotify and all other audio platforms. Or you can listen here.

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