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y magazine

Welcome to y, a quarterly publication that asks ‘why?’, or perhaps ‘why not?’

Working creatively at Linney means being innovative, inquisitive and challenging, whether that’s on a commissioned project, or simply when we feel the urge to be experimental. We believe any subject can be explored in this way and this publication helps us to share some of our creative investigations and thoughts with you.

Curiosity keeps us asking why.

You could say it puts the y in Linney.

A quest called tribe

Active participants, passive spectators, card-carrying comrades. Clubs, cults, cultural movements. Often, we’re forced into factions or coerced into cohorts – reluctant members of dire tribes: prisoners, victims, Derby County fans. We can’t always be selective about our collective. It’s penance. It’s inheritance.

Many of us are desperate to be in with the in-crowd – whatever that in-crowd may be. High school cliques, gaming geeks – we all have a different definition of what ‘cool’ is. But there’s no denying the innate human need to define ourselves and belong to a collective of contemporaries. It’s sustenance.

In this issue of y, we ask why. Football fan, music stan, team player or soloist...

What’s your tribe?

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