Tree-mendous effort

Linney will plant 25,000 trees in the East Midlands by 2025 as part of our sustainability pledge

On the 16th of March we embarked on an ambitious plan to plant 25,000 trees over the next three years, as part of our 2025 sustainable development goals.

Group of people planting a tree

Sustainability first

As a carbon neutral business, we have been measuring emissions since 2016, as well as offsetting unavoidable emissions since 2020. A current project includes offering Carbon Balanced Print with verified carbon offsetting through World Land Trust (WLT). Through this renowned charity, whose patrons include David Attenborough and Chris Packham, we are helping protect some of the most biologically significant and threatened habitats worldwide.

Our Nottinghamshire reforestation project serves a dual purpose – complementing the company’s current offsetting initiatives and providing a rich habitat for local wildlife and people to enjoy.

The Queen's Green Canopy

The tree-planting initiative supports carbon sequestration and reforestation in the UK. In addition, 2022 is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year and as part of that, Her Majesty has launched The Queen’s Green Canopy project, a call to action for businesses, groups, towns and villages across the UK to plant a tree for the Jubilee.

Two children fertilising a tree

Our tree planting project

We have chosen an oak tree as the first of our 25,000 tree-planting commitments. Oak is one of several species found in Nottinghamshire alongside pine, birch, chestnut, and beech.

The region’s connection with the Major Oak, the 1,000-year-old oak tree in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, reputed to have been the hiding place of outlaw Robin Hood, made this an obvious choice for our first tree.

Plans are under way to have the first 8,500 trees planted this year in partnership with the Sherwood Forest Trust. We are  in the process of identifying the location for the next16,500 trees, which, when planted, will mean another 10.5 hectares of tree coverage.

“Here at Linney, we are aware that protecting established forest has better immediate impact than planting new, and that the two go hand in hand. We are proud to support the work of global conservation charity World Land Trust to protect threatened habitats and wildlife. It takes approximately five trees to sequester one tonne of carbon over their lifetime. The 25,000 trees we aim to plant will cover a total of 15.7 hectares. About 5,000 tonnes of CO2 will be captured or sequestered over the lifetime of these 25,000 trees.”

Executive Director of Linney

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