Tastefully done

Helping Cineworld bring to life their Unlimited Tastecard campaign

Iconic scenes from blockbuster movies were reimagined by Linney’s film and animation team for a Cineworld campaign to promote its new Unlimited Tastecard.

Actor in elf outfit sitting at a table with sweets and film crew and cameras filming

Re-creating famous food scenes

The Goodfellas prison pasta sauce sequence and the Pulp Fiction ‘Five Dollar Shake’ scene were among six food-based mini-movies made in our in-house studio. Cineworld customers were selected to star in the films that were shot using Unreal Engine. This state-of-the-art tool allows users to create immersive 3D environments in incredible detail, without the use of expensive technology.

“By building an environment that actors, camera operators and set designers can interact with using giant LED walls, Unreal Engine is brilliantly unique,” said a member of the Film and Animation team.

A couple sitting at a restaurant table on a film set

Filmed in good taste

The team chose specific clips from the original films and built realistic set-ups that matched props, décor, lighting and action within each frame.

“Our superb team of set designers, along with the in-house Linney joinery team, produced props within days that were indistinguishable from those in the movies,” they added.

“Watching the process remotely, the client was extremely happy and signed off on each shot in real time.”

The Unlimited Tastecard campaign was shared on Cineworld’s social media channels and also appeared on the big screen in cinemas across the UK.

How Linney can help

Our custom-built HQ features a large film studio, with separate sound recording facilities and on-site editing suites – meaning optimum quality and exceptionally quick turnaround times. Get in touch to find out how we can help your brand stand out. 

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