Shot in the arm for ASDA George

We put clothing from the UK’s best-known supermarket fashion brand in the spotlight using an advanced camera rig

The Film and Animation team put a specialist Bolt Cinebot camera rig through its paces for an innovation showcase.

It’s a robotic arm that produces camera movements at incredibly high speeds, repeating them with extremely precise accuracy.

Bolt from the blue

The Bolt is a superb piece of kit for continuity – allows us to maintain the same exacting standards for the shot required, and means we’re able to control other factors like background, foreground and focus more easily.

Going beyond the typical mannequin, we recruited a dancer to wear selected items from the ASDA George range.

“We made the most of these attributes by filming a dancer across multiple takes for a fashion brand. When we edited these takes together, the dancer seamlessly transitioned into a different outfit on the cut. The results were so impressive that we hired the equipment again for its high-speed capability for a quick-service dining shoot.”

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