Puppet in the limelight for Royal Mail

Our Film & Animation team pulled all the strings to create an engaging and fun data protection film for the world’s oldest postal service

Beloved festive film The Muppet Christmas Carol was the surprise inspiration behind our data protection film for Royal Mail.

During a chat about the hit movie, the film and animation team agreed they’d love to create a production with puppets. So, when Linney was tasked with creating an innovative and engaging piece for January’s Data Protection Day, they seized their chance to conjure up some Muppet-inspired magic.

The film, with Royal Mail character Lockie singing data-themed lyrics to the tune of “Mr Postman”, was shot against a green screen so the puppeteers could be hidden, with the sets built on a rostrum two feet up so they could operate the characters.

The client was delighted, and the team loved trying something new, pushing boundaries and raising the engagement potential of what is typically quite a dull subject.

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