Our part in the 'Friendly Games'

E.ON celebrates their sponsorship of the Commonwealth Games

The biggest sporting event ever held in Birmingham was an opportunity for Linney people to demonstrate that teamwork, speed, agility and world-class performances weren’t limited to the track and field.

E.ON headoffices

The Commonwealth Games were one of the world’s most inclusive and sustainable events. And it was an opportunity for our client E.ON, one of the event’s sponsors, to share the ways it’s tackling climate change.

We kicked off with a major refresh of E.ON’s workplaces. Everyone had been away from the offices during COVID and the environments were looking tired, with out-of-date pre-pandemic campaign content.

The refresh needed to be inviting and head turning, with an emphasis on climate change. We brought this to life through four key themes: recognition of the Commonwealth Games’ focus on sustainability; E.ON’s Action for Climate brand campaign; its partnership with Formula E racing; and its work on building Nottingham Forest’s sustainable credentials.

Linney creatives designed vibrant visuals for tension fabric displays, vinyl wraps and wallpaper, while the 3D team crafted an athlete and winners’ podium – and even recreated the iconic Birmingham Bull – from cardboard. We built a 10-metre-wide 3D wall made from sustainable source wood and installed an LED display wall for team huddles showing E.ON brand films.

Meanwhile, our Film and Animation team hit the streets of Birmingham during the build-up to the Games to film the city’s Poet Laureate. The film, Green Means Go, was played on big screens at the Games.

Often referred to as 'the Friendly Games', this epic sporting spectacle epitomised teamwork, aspiration and fair play – goals that inspire our partnership with E.ON.

Visit eonenergy.com to watch Green Means Go.

Digital screen at E.ON headoffices
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