Make it a million

1 million deliveries for Plaion

Games producer Plaion and Linney Activate’s Ecommerce team have delivered a million units within the first nine months of working together.

Plaion is a leading independent developer and producer of games and entertainment products, with 10 development studios and five publishing units across the world.

Our client told 1851: “Everyone at Plaion is delighted to have passed this milestone with Linney after only nine months. As part of these million units, we have released our two biggest games of the year, Saints Row and Dying Light 2.

“Just as important though is the week-in, week-out accuracy and attention to detail that Linney’s team in A2 achieves with our products. We’re about to head into our first Q4 together, and we’re looking forward to sharing more success with the team at Linney.”

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