Leaders of the pack

Our pioneering flat-pack point-of-sale promises to transform the structures we produce for shop floors

Our card engineering experts have pioneered a new flat-pack display unit that cuts costs and boosts our customers’ sustainability credentials.

Over an 18-month period, the team experimented with a number of different structures and mechanisms so that the unit could be built within two minutes by store teams.

Ingenuity in every display

“The real ‘Eureka’ moment came with the box for the flat packs,” said Linney Make’s Neil Smith. “By rethinking all of the internal construction principles, we managed to get 18 display units on a pallet – a big jump from the usual six when fully assembled.”

That means distributing 500 units requires 186kg of CO2 and less than one full truck load – delivering a saving of nearly 1,000kg of CO2 every time an assembled FSDU is replaced with a flat-pack alternative. This could generate savings of at least 114 tonnes of CO2 – equivalent to 56 London to New York flights – and save 58.8 tonnes of cardboard over three years.

“After approaching one of our cosmetics clients, we put 11 branded flat-pack FSDUs into stores and the feedback so far has been incredibly positive,” added Neil.

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