Intelligent by design

As more AI engines emerge each week, they’re generating not just static imagery, but text and film

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the subject of science fiction for two centuries. Now it’s becoming an exciting reality with great prospects for the creative industry – and a business like ours.

Using the powerful online visualisation program Midjourney, we’re already delivering client campaign work derived directly from AI imagery. Its algorithm produces original images in seconds by entering key words and phrases into text fields.

“The results can be beautiful, bizarre – even baffling,” said Linney Create’s John Kay. “They’re a valuable shortcut in visualising or brainstorming, as we shared in a recent client pitch. They can even provide the basis for finished artwork, like the AI-inspired designs which we created for technology brand InMotion.

“AI promises an exciting time for our industry – some would say scary – though there’s a long way to go. We’re in the infancy of the process becoming more tangible, more manageable and more commercially credible. But already, AI-generated illustrations accompany news articles and magazine covers and there’s a healthy trade in AI art.

“The world of AI is likely to be a little ‘wild west’ before it settles into something we can all use confidently and effectively – perhaps begging questions around ownership of image and intellectual property,” added John.

“But it’s also creatively liberating – another tool in the box for designers, writers, filmmakers and artworkers. And its capabilities could push us to develop images, writing and films beyond our human imagination.”

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