I want to hold your can

Tribute band festival over the Platinum Jubilee weekend

As gig goers rocked out to soundalike acts including the Bootleg Beatles, Oasish, Wrong Jovi, Antarctic Monkeys and Blurb, we were rolling out promotional activities for energy drinks brand Emerge.

As an event offering a premium experience at a bargain price, Glastonbudget was the perfect fit for our client’s value brand. We put together a main sponsorship proposal, giving us full access to the event, front of house and backstage. Emerge banners dominated the main stage. Events staff wore Emerge-branded T-shirts and lanyards. Emerge beach balls were flung into the crowd and Emerge cocktails were on sale from the drinks concessions.

Our brand ambassadors were kept busy across the whole weekend, handing out cans of invigorating Emerge Energy to guests as they arrived – and refreshing Emerge Sports isotonic bottles for the mornings after.

The festival takes place in the Leicestershire Wolds, just 10 miles away from the Refresco bottling factory in Kegworth, the home of Emerge, so there was a chance for the head office team to join in the fun.

Before the event, our Social team offered the chance for a lucky winner to experience the event for themselves, to a geo-targeted audience within travelling distance of the festival. And all through the weekend, we shared what was going on with Emerge’s organic social audience, posting 32 Instagram stories shared across the three days of the event.

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