Good things come in trees

We check out what’s on the horizon for Linney when it comes to sustainability

Sustainability is on everyone’s agenda – but at Linney, we go far beyond green gimmicks, generating quick wins and positive PR. It’s something we’ve taken very seriously for a very long time, and it’s embedded within our DNA.

Building a sustainable future has become part of who we are, and is deeply embedded in how we operate. We’re proud to be in a position to share our way forward with our clients and communities.

Keener on going greener

We’ve been aggressively reducing our impact on the environment and our carbon footprint for several years.

From state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a large renewable energy biomass boiler, we’ve ensured that new facilities are built to highly efficient standards, upgraded to LED lighting, and put an end to the use of unnecessary plastics and tape.

Carbon offsetting has helped to accelerate our positive impact. We’ve been carbon neutral since 2020, offsetting unavoidable emissions by working with the World Land Trust to help protect over 184 acres of critically endangered rainforest. We’re now taking this another step further, with an initiative much closer to home.

Back to our roots

Fifteen years ago, Nick Linney planted a sapling cloned from Nottinghamshire’s famous Major Oak, with a donation of £1,000 to the Sherwood Forest Trust to help restore and manage an acre of land, to support local wildlife and for people to enjoy.

Today, in partnership with the Trust, Linney has pledged to plant more than 25,000 trees in Sherwood Forest. Nick and Miles Linney launched this initiative by planting another oak tree, this time near the main entrance to the Create building.

The plaque reads “The first of many” – a clear statement of intent for an ambitious project we can all be immensely proud of.

Ultimately, it’s the future generations that we’re doing all this for. And it’s because of them that our commitment to the environment and our local community remains as mighty and deeply rooted as ever.

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