Linney’s immersive collaboration with Suzano at London Pulp Week

Transforming Suzano’s vision into a mesmerising Brazilian forest escape

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Suzano is a global paper and pulp manufacturer based in Brazil, supplying businesses worldwide. To make an impact at the annual London Pulp Week, Suzano decided to host its annual event at Frameless, an immersive art gallery in London known for its multiple spaces for digital content display.

Digital screens suspended

Designing impactful digital content

With three weeks left before the event, Suzano’s internal team realised they needed support in managing the scale of content required for the event. Through working with us previously, a key stakeholder at the company had great trust in our capabilities and brought us into the project to support the internal team. The challenge was to create immersive content that would transport the audience to the Brazilian eucalyptus forest, effectively showcasing Suzano’s connection to nature and promoting its business.

Linney quickly assembled a working group consisting of a producer, production manager, VFX artists and digital creatives. The team thoroughly analysed the available digital spaces at Frameless and determined the necessary content specifications. Collaborating closely with the client, we planned the distribution of content across the different galleries to optimise impact. During the process, we realised that the initially planned 360-degree video for the main dining room would not work as effectively as desired. As a quick alternative, our Film and Animation team utilised its expertise in 3D design and built a captivating digital representation of the Brazilian eucalyptus plantations, including a day-to-night transition and realistic sound. This content would be played during the dinner portion of the event, providing an immersive experience. Linney also edited and created several additional pieces of content to be played throughout the venue, creating an overall Brazilian forest ambience throughout the event.

Event with dark, eucalyptus forest ambience content

Creating an immersive experience at the London Pulp Week

The London Pulp Week event was a resounding success. Linney was present at the event, capturing footage of guests and entertainment, further enhancing the overall experience. The feedback received on the night was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees expressing how closely they felt connected to the forest environment.

Following the success of the London Pulp Week event, Suzano has already started planning for its upcoming 100th-anniversary celebrations. Linney looks forward to continuing its strong partnership with Suzano, supporting future events and helping it create impactful experiences.

Cheetah in the Brazilian forest - digital content

Elevating brand experiences with digital content production

Our collaboration with Suzano for the London Pulp Week event exemplifies our expertise in creating immersive digital content experiences. Our multidisciplinary team, comprising producers, VFX artists and digital creatives, can assist brands and businesses in transforming their events or spaces into captivating environments. We pride ourselves on realising clients’ visions and bringing value to the brand experience projects.

“The feedback from customers and the team about our event was phenomenal. I cannot thank you and the entire team enough for picking up this project at the last minute and having the tenacity to make it look the best in the venue. ”

Head of international communications, Suzano

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