West Cornwall Pasty Company

The Stuff of Legend social campaign

Bringing a flavour of authenticity to the West Cornwall Pasty Company

The West Cornwall Pasty Company commissioned Linney to build a social first campaign to establish the brand as the producer of the UK’s most beloved and authentic Cornish pasty.

Crafting an authentic brand film

A Linney Film and Photography team ventured south to Cornwall to meet with award-winning chef James Strawbridge, who shared captivating tales of exciting local legends, from pirates and mermaids to superstitious miners who made offerings to the knockers, a group of mischievous creatures believed to dwell within the Cornish mines. The films explore the unbreakable connection between Cornwall and the stuff of legend – the people, the myths, the land and, of course, the pasty.

Over two days, the crew recorded content across 12 different locations, from the hidden depths of the mines to the imposing heights of Roche Rock and eventually out to sea. At Mousehole Harbour in Penzance, the team was joined by a group of locals who kindly agreed to participate in the shooting. On the final evening, the Mousehole Male Voice Choir invited the Linney team to their traditionally closed rehearsal session, where they recorded a breathtaking performance that formed an integral part of the film’s score. 

Cooked to perfection

With time being of the essence, all shots were centrally framed to ensure compatibility across all main platform ratios in one shot setup. The captured content generated over a year’s worth of film and static content, from the initial fame-builder film to short stories, distinctive seasonal cues, reactive content and even some ASMR that captures the tranquil sounds of the Cornish coast. Additional photography assets provided content for national newspaper coverage and a geotargeted out-of-home campaign.

Linney’s filming capabilities

We create inspiring visual content for some of the UK’s biggest brands. Whether in our custom-built facility or on location, our crew thrives on set. Our team has the varied skillsets required to deliver production, from initial concept to mastering and delivery. Get in touch to learn more.

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