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Delighting Ben & Jerry’s with digital signage content

How the dream ice cream brand turned to Linney for a big screen presence

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Advert for Mississippi Mud Pie Ben & Jerry's flavour ice cream with light blue background and a American flag

No waffle, Ben & Jerry’s gets serious when it comes to digital signage

What could be better than catching a blockbuster at the cinema with friends? How about when you’ve got a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s to keep you company too? With the world’s favourite ice cream brand serving more people in its dedicated and in-cinema scoop shops across the UK, Linney was enlisted to provide dynamic digital signage content alongside traditional POS materials for this rapidly growing estate.

Digital signage content that looks its sundae best

Embracing Ben & Jerry’s iconic visual language, we set about bringing the brand’s irreverent wit to the screen. We combined the brand’s delicious photography with 3D modelling and animation to bring to life all the famous scoops, shakes and flavours, from Cookie Dough to Hazel-nuttin’ but Chocolate Sundae and Mississippi Mud Pie. By pushing our content to digital screens across the country, we’re now seeing the great benefits variable content brings, such as increased customer engagement. The content, designed to sit alongside the traditional, printed POS materials in store, helps deliver a tangible, authentic brand experience for customers.

Using 3D scanning to top Ben & Jerry’s screen content

So how to top all of that? Our animators have been using state-of-the-art 3D scanning to create more authentic product models to level up Ben & Jerry’s screen content. This progressive and exciting approach opens up a new world of creativity for Ben & Jerry’s, while remaining true to the brand’s spontaneous, playful and very genuine character. Keep checking back for when we go 3D “scooper-sonic”!

Update your digital signage content

Ensure your digital signage works harder for you by incorporating animation in your screen content. With highly animated messages averaging almost ten times more engagement than six-month-old animation (32 views per day), now is the perfect time to drive your screen content forward with animation. Find out more in our recent article: Moving pictures: the rise of animation in digital signage.

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