Wildlife Trusts

Working with the Wildlife Trusts to bring nature to the forefront

Using the power of video storytelling to give young people a voice.

Young people litter picking on the beach

Working with the Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts is a national charity known for its championing of nature and wildlife. With more than 900,000 members and 46 individual Wildlife Trusts, the movement drives to bring wildlife back by empowering people and communities to get involved in helping nature recover and thrive.

Camera crew filming documentary on the beach

Giving young people and the environment a voice

The Wildlife Trusts launched the “Our Bright Future” campaign to empower young people across the nation to care for the nature that surrounds them. This campaign is about bringing together youth and environmental sectors in 31 funded projects. The Wildlife Trusts looked for an agency to partner with, to create a suite of assets to document and celebrate the achievement of these monumental projects. Following a successful pitch process, Linney’s Film and Animation team was commissioned to produce the campaign assets.

Camera crew in a forest filming documentary film with young person sitting in the middle

Documentary-style video production 

Part of the work included a documentary film, to be aired to an audience of 150 MPs at the Houses of Parliament. The film aims to raise awareness and educate government at regional and national levels on the merits of empowering young people to work towards a brighter future and to be the voice of change.

After introductory telephone calls with six of the young people involved in the campaign, an ambitious schedule was proposed, plotting a course across the UK from Southampton through North Wales, to Middlesbrough and Blackpool. This resulted in a five-day shoot covering more than 1,000 miles. Locations were varied and demanding; whether in urban green spaces, stormy seafronts or laboratories, the challenge was to find the unique voices of the individuals involved and convey their messaging through interview and location footage. Our team used several techniques to best convey the intimacy of the interviews, such as Eye Direct and breaking the fourth wall, to better acquaint the viewer with their storyteller.

The final edit resulted in an honest reflection of the participants’ involvement and, crucially, revealed the development, sense of wellbeing and increased confidence they experienced.

Using sound design to enhance video storytelling

Editing, voiceover and sound design were all mastered in house by the Linney team. The final grade, again in house, was developed in tandem with stills photography, resulting in a cohesive suite of materials deployed across paid and organic social in November and December 2022. 

The final film formed part of a larger reflective campaign consisting of online social activations, stills photography and animations summarising engagement and achievements of the initiative.

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