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Pretty different influencer boxes

Premium makeup brand Urban Decay created impact with its influencer campaign.

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Urban Decay is a cruelty-free, high-performance makeup company, which stands for individuality. So, when it decided to send its new naked mini eyeshadow palettes out to influencers, Urban Decay knew it wanted to bring theatre to the experience. As our new client, we were excited to create a bespoke influencer box for Urban Decay that represented its brand perfectly.

Urban Decay open influencer box

The brief

Urban Decay wanted to stir up excitement for its new product launch – mini naked palettes. The eyeshadows are one of the brand’s most loved products, so were an easy choice for an influencer box. The 300 bespoke influencer boxes needed to feel luxurious too, as they were destined to be sent to various influencers, from niche content creators to celebrities in the beauty world.

A bold influencer box

Armed with beautiful assets and clear brand guidelines, our creatives got to work on the overall box design. As standing out to influencers was a top priority, we created various options for the Urban Decay team. To reflect the premium brand, we knew the box needed a luxurious feel. Black and gold are the standard choice for luxury packaging, but the team decided to go for black and silver, which kept the box looking modern and sleek.

As Urban Decay’s products are known for their colour, the packaging couldn’t be all monochrome! The box opens with a burst of colour, as the design was matched to the product itself. Key information for the influencer, such as price, was printed on the inside for easy access – and to save cardboard.

An influencer box for a premium brand such as Urban Decay needed to not only look but feel the part too. Our structural team tested many iterations of the influencer box to ensure opening it would be a smooth, theatrical experience. The packaging needed to be high quality to reflect the products inside. So, we created a box that came open in two parts, revealing the star of the show first, then the other makeup goodies under it.

Urban Decay influencer box design

A premium offer

Premium brands require striking designs that look, and feel, great. A bespoke influencer box means that your products can be shown off in the best way possible, making that all-important first impression with followers on social media. With influencer marketing ever growing, speak to the experts on how you can create a box that will get social media buzzing.

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