Macmillan Cancer Support

Bringing print assets together

How we helped an influential charity manage its print assets with our MyCentre marketing technology platform

  • Asset management
  • Marketing technology
  • UX
  • Print production
  • Sustainability
  • Marketing optimisation system (MyCentre)

Managing multiple stakeholders

Macmillan Cancer Support has over 100 print ordering stakeholders across multiple suppliers and creative agencies. The charity approached Linney to find a system to help them consolidate their print order process. They wanted a system that would be easy to use, provide transparency to their procurement team, and reduce the number of small print runs, which used more transportation, impacting costs and the environment. 

Their challenge was to create a catalogue system for print ordering, re-use, re-purposing, templating, and consolidation of cost for small print runs. 

The print portal has:

- Drastically reduced transportation cost and emissions

- Has over 10,000+ instantly returnable menu costs

- Over 50 often used formats and paginations

- Ability to dynamically create unique QR codes for fundraising

- Removed set-ups and amend charges via automation/consolidation 

- Is completely self-serve, intuitive and accessible to all stakeholders

- Brand consistent stocks, finishes and inbuilt QA/flight-checking

- Been cost audited / bench-marked across the industry to be compliant with Macmillan’s purchasing policy 

Clear, understandable interface

We embarked on this project, utilising principles from MyStore, our B2B stock ordering solution, to create a bespoke solution hosted within our MyCentre platform.

The portal let Macmillan centralise and consolidate the current artwork production process, remove unnecessary reworking of assets, and offer a speedier production process by utilising a more structured asset management library linked to a streamlined re-order process.

Helping to make more sustainable print decisions

With sustainability top of mind for the charity, Macmillan also wanted the portal to help consolidate their print jobs, making it more effective and reducing the number of small jobs printed. 

Bringing clarity, control and agility

The first phase went live mid 2021 with core stakeholders followed up closely with the scoping and development of phase two to introduce personalised template options. 

Once up and running, the new system will give Macmillan complete control of user access, stock and budget management and usage tracking. Overall, helping Macmillan streamline their internal systems and processes for their print assets. 

Early 2022 will see a wider rollout to Macmillan teams and Linney exploring the introduction of recyclable options across the portal range.

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