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Amid challenging times for the charity sector, the Royal British Legion has continued to help our ex-Service personnel throughout the pandemic – with Linney supporting online sales for the iconic organisation.

Helping the Poppy Appeal thrive

The Poppy Shop, the trading arm of the Royal British Legion, faced a huge challenge shared by many charities since the pandemic hit.  For the 2021 Poppy Appeal, they needed to plug the gap in revenue caused by the reduction in volunteers out in the streets and at various events selling Poppy Appeal products.

Scaling the Poppy Shop's online reach

Linney is the ecommerce fulfilment partner for the Poppy Shop, with its items stored, picked, and despatched from our warehouses. Aware of the now mainly online fundraising opportunities, we were keen to find creative ways to help the Royal British Legion close the funding gap left by the reduction in traditional fundraising methods.

In 2021, the Royal British legion launched additional products to their online shop including new collections, wreaths and dated pins. We worked in close partnership with the Poppy Shop to add all their new product lines and get all their orders out to customers on time despite an uplift in online orders. 

The results of the Poppy Shop campaign in 2021

The Poppy Appeal 2021 saw over 156k orders picked, packed, and despatched from our fulfilment centre.  

    • Email continued to be the most popular way for customers to get support with their orders – we answered over 12,500 emails for the 2021 campaign
    • New collections, including Captain Tom and Dame Vera Lynn, proved popular, with these product lines often being purchased together. The 2021 campaign also saw an increase in the number of products purchased together.
    • Despite supply chain demand over the past year, delivery performance for the 2021 Poppy Appeal hit 98%!

““When planning for the Poppy Appeal in 2021, the team wanted to continue the great work that had taken place in 2020, when online orders hit an unprecedented level. Working around supply shortages and delivery strains was a challenge, but one that we are proud to say we achieved by having a concerted effort across the whole Linney business and the support from the Poppy Shop team at the Legion.””

Account Director, Linney

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