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Captivate colleagues with corporate digital signage

How our flair for bringing spaces to life refreshed ASDA George's internal communication strategy

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Keeping colleagues informed

ASDA George prides itself on making fashion accessible, putting the latest clothing and accessories in front of millions of shoppers every day. Since its official launch in 1990, ASDA George has been one of the leading supermarket-owned fashion brands with an ever-changing line-up of apparel on the racks and rails. To help keep its colleagues up to date with the latest news and trends, the brand approached Linney to create a unique digital signage showpiece in its Lutterworth head office to really resonate with colleagues and visitors.

Digital signage is easily updated and is flexible enough to be used as needed – in this case, to inspire colleagues and keep them informed. In the reception, the screens would enjoy high footfall for maximum impact and have the most benefit.

Using digital screens to capture attention

The brand has already embraced the Linney digital signage philosophy, capturing the gaze of customers across 80 ASDA George spaces, so reaching out to us was a natural next step. We worked alongside the ASDA George team to decide what would work best in its reception space. From initial concept, the installation took around six months.

To deliver on our promise of creating an installation with extra wow factor, we installed a giant LED screen on the ceiling. A potential first in the UK, the screen was an extremely technical fit, with bespoke metalwork constructed to hold the screen aloft. It was certainly a new challenge for our installation partners! Measuring approximately 3 metres in length and 2 metres wide, the screen creates theatre in a space often overlooked. Corporate signage doesn’t have to be just wayfinding and news. It can be art too!

Creating stand-out content

Our creatives produced the content to create a welcoming atmosphere, with images inspiring ASDA George colleagues and encouraging them to relax with breathing techniques or gentle scenes.

The video wall is a mosaic structure, giving ASDA George complete flexibility when it comes to selecting which content to show. Designed to showcase the latest products and offers, the screens are constantly updated to keep colleagues informed. All the visual content is produced by our creatives under strict parameters and is scheduled by our MyScreens software.

Breathe life into your offices

We advise brands on the best use of technology for their spaces every day, whether in store or in the office. As digital signage hardware, software and content specialists, our advice is shaped by insight and expertise across sectors such as retail, casual dining and corporate settings. With corporate spaces being reinvented, now is the time to uplift your offices for a better working environment. We will ensure your digital screens will be in the right place, with the right messages, at the right time. Contact us today.

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