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Launching a new product for Maybelline New York

Our “Brow Extensions” retail display strikes the perfect balance

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Dual-purpose POS display

We’ve been working with L’Oréal for several years across a variety of brands. Our retail display services team used their insight and experience recently to launch Maybelline New York’s new brow product, “Brow Extensions” in the UK. The retail display had to fulfil a dual purpose – promote the new “Brow Extensions” Pomade Crayon as well as highlight how the product sits in the existing brow range. As multiple brow products were showcased, it was vital that we clearly communicated the benefits and capabilities of each product to allow a smooth journey to purchase.

Balancing brand requirements

Our design team had to integrate one new product into the existing range, without shouting too loudly about this product, or potentially alienating the others. This careful balance of showcasing the entire range was helped with the visual cue of the arrow, with arches across the top of the unit, drawing the customer’s eye across the entire brow range. Considered colours were applied to the roundels to identify the products, but not clash with the packaging. Mirroring the background colour on the shelves, they subtly draw the viewer’s eye up the unit to the hero product. .


The solution

With three main brow benefits, Full, Thick, and Tint, we developed a unit with a central ‘Hero’ factice showing the new product development of the Brow Extension Pen, and framed this either side with secondary roundels, and the associated products within the range. The backdrop of the skyline, mirroring the image on the header brings the unique Maybelline New York feel to the unit whilst the lightness and swirl of the brow pen cascades down behind the product shelves on the unit. The before and after images on each of the main roundels reinforce the capabilities of each product. As the product launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, a QR code took the customer through to Maybelline’s Modiface site, to virtually try on each product.

“A clear and engaging display that manages to incorporate all key product messaging without feeling overwhelming. The design highlights the benefits of the products on display, allowing for great consumer education and an amazing customer journey.”

Visual Merchandiser, Maybelline New York

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