Inside the minds of parents

We helped George understand the key drivers behind customer loyalty and spending habits.

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Core challenge

George at ASDA were keen to further understand and focus on the kids and baby category. This product area, providing great-value clothing and accessories for children aged 0-16, is a key driver of performance, contributing to a halo effect across revenue and conversion for the website.

Leader of the pack

George's goal is to continue to grow their value proposition in this space. The Linney insight team has been helping our client better understand the habits and behaviours of parents when choosing and buying clothing for their children with a comprehensive, real-life study. The aim of the project is to help George become ever more relevant to customers, driving meaningful interventions with the brand and leading to greater loyalty and, ultimately, basket spend.

Insight-led approach

Our research aims to understand behaviours and motivations, before attitudes and emotions. Ultimately, behaviour is what we need to understand to be able to effect change – so our aim was to observe customer reactions and interactions, using our observations to identify meaningful insights with practical applications for George. This included:

- 10 days of in-home filming (observing parent and child interactions within a real-life setting)
- Seven day diary study (gathering information about what decisions parents are making on a day-to-day basis)
- Wardrobe walk-through (parents gave us a first-person perspective of their children’s wardrobe and how they make make decisions on clothing)
- Exit interviews (an opportunity to speak to parents directly to gain an understanding of their behaviours)


Linney’s study resulted in several insightful findings. From these, we were able to suggest the following meaningful interventions to drive customer loyalty and spend:

Furthering convenience:
- Collaboration tools for basket sharing
- Driving the onward purchase journey
- Linking experiences across digital and in-store
- Balancing convenience and delivery cost

Illustrating quality:
- A focus on reviews and how to leverage this content
- Understanding occasions and multipurpose use of clothing
- Providing descriptions in a visual and informative way
- The use of size guides to aid conversion

“Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for this morning. You absolutely smashed it and really brought to life the work you did and it hit every angle, covering the range of audiences. The teams are so fired up to make changes and actions already! You are such a great team and I am really keen to make sure we work with you again. Hope you get your feet up this evening and have a well-deserved drink!”

Head of UX & Design, George at ASDA

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