Influencer marketing saves the day

How we helped the Post Office make saving cool again, with the power of social media.

  • Social media
  • Influencer PR
  • Film production

Making financial services accessible

Linney’s long-standing client, Post Office, has been growing its financial services offering for the last few years. We’ve been on hand to help promote its range of banking products in a creative way – and, together with great client teams, have worked on some really successful projects.

Savings made easy

Our task in this instance was to support Post Office’s Spend Well, Save More campaign and remove the stigma of difficulty from the savings process, encouraging current and new customers to open savings accounts with Post Office.

Insight-based approach

To do this, we used an insight-based approach, with research commissioned by our client. We carefully selected social media influencers to form the Save More Squad. We worked with the influencers in five different key areas where saving is perceived to be difficult, developing a range of ‘saving hacks’ to address these common concerns.

Filming tips and tricks

Leading on from this, our film team created several short film snippets featuring our influencers demonstrating their tips and tricks for spending well and saving more. These were then shared on social media. Our artwork teams also created supporting material, such as a downloadable budget planner and an online calculator tool.

increase in visits to the Post Office Savings website

“Customer and public engagement was overwhelmingly positive to the Spend Well, Save More campaign, driving 83% positive sentiment amongst social channels, up from 54% on Post Office’s typical social posts.”

PR & Campaigns Manager, Post Office

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