Royal Mail

In-house studio makes business sense

Combining agency expertise with client knowledge, our in-house studio services team is making a real impact for Royal Mail.

  • On-site studio
  • Digital design
  • Full-service marketing

Full-service marketing

Royal Mail is one of Linney’s longest-standing clients, and we’re really proud of the work we’ve done together. From helping the business to market its stunning special stamps and collectibles, to engaging with its 140,000 employees through unique internal communication campaigns, we provide full-service marketing support through digital, film, print and more. All this experience means we’ve been lucky enough to really get to know the business and the different teams within it.

Working together for
the better

Since taking over Royal Mail’s creative artwork from a major competitor, we’ve been able to deliver in more ways than one. The presence of our dedicated and resourceful studio, now based in-house at Royal Mail’s HQ at Farringdon, has given both Linney and Royal Mail the chance to handle unforeseen changes and last-minute briefs. Since 2018, our on-site workflow and sign-off process has made a real impact in terms of time and budget.

It’s a great example of how on-site studios help can clients and agencies collaborate to produce fantastic work.

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